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Mr. Norris Natarajan ( Chairperson)
Mount zion mat.hr.sec.school - Batlagundu.


We trust that the Academic Year that has passed by would have been very productive and eventful for all of you. We are also sure that you would have enjoyed every bit of the online learning experience during the year. Every effort was taken to enrich and uplift the learning Experience of the Children during the present crisis COVID-19. While you enter a new academic year, we would suggest and implement the ideas that besides learning and being good at subjects like English, Tamil, Mathematics, Science, Social and others; it is important to realise that the precious value of life is also equally important. These should constitute the foundation for your higher education, your career, your family life, social life, religious life and most of all even while fulfilling your responsibilities towards the society and nation at large which is most required in today’s situation. The world is changing; it is getting more complex, unpredicted and competitive; at the same time offering enormous opportunities to those who possess appropriate skills, the right attitude and an innovative mind. Technology and innovation are going to be the key facilitators of success in future. Dream big, think big, experiment and be passionate in whatever you do should be our motto. Challenge the norms, create new ideas and make your identity. We must not forget that today we all live in the age of instant results and quick fixes. Today, we can do most things at the click of a button- thanks to the digital revolution. But what we must not forget is that success does not come this way. It cannot be achieved instantly. It only comes with sheer hard work, dedication pushing oneself beyond one’s capabilities, striving for excellence and making the best of opportunities. If you are passionate about something, then follow your passion and success will be yours. Also, always remember that nothing stays forever – neither success nor failure. The only thing that is constant in life is CHANGE. We have to accept the changes and challenges of life and be mentally focused, strong and determined. Keep learning about new things, God has created infinite capacity in you as we all know that we were created in His own image, make use of it; Always remember that THE FEAR OF THE LORD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM – Proverbs 4:7. Learn handle and face adverse situations fearlessly, with courage and belief in the grace of GOD. Also remember Mahatma Gandhi’s advice which holds great relevance even today: ‘live as if you were to die tomorrow but learn as if you were to live forever’ I am confident that if you cherish and live these values, you will go a long way and achieve success in all spheres of life! Wishing you all the very best!